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Traveling Program

The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park offers a traveling program (TECMP) that is designed to introduce the incredible inventions of Thomas Edison to those who have an interest in learning about the “Wizard of Menlo Park.” Edison was a pioneer in so many fields, and he managed to streamline the process of invention during his auspicious career. The Menlo Park historic site is synonymous with research and development because it was on this here that Edison conceived and fabricated 400 of his most important inventions within a period of six years. Some of his most famous inventions that were created on the Christie Street site were the phonograph, the perfection of incandescent lighting, and a practical method of conducting electrical distribution.


Our program includes a PowerPoint presentation with a lecture and discussion.


  • We will be bringing original artifacts and Edison related items
    • a 100+ year old working Phonograph
    • telegraph key
    • Edison replica light bulbs
    • model of Edison electric train
    • light a light bulb with hand crank dynamo
    • series and parallel circuits
    • iron ore separator
    • and more

We request a $300.00 honorarium for the presentation within 10 miles radius from our museum and additional traveling fees over 10 miles. All fees will go to the non-profit Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, a 501c(3). Payment should be made out to the TECMP.


Call the museum to book your talk/presentation today: 732-549-3299