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Cub Scout Programs

Cub Scouting at Thomas Edison Center!


The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park has programs specifically tailored to meet Adventure Requirements. These programs offer scouts an exclusive opportunity to engage, experience, and learn. The Thomas Edison Center has the distinct advantage of allowing scouts to fully experience a history and science related program in the setting where that history actually happened. The unique collection of original Edison inventions in the museum, along with our seasoned enthusiastic museum educators, bring history to life in a fun and educational way. All programs include a hands-on component that further allows scouts to not only hear and see, but also touch history!


Nestled within the 36 acre Edison State Park, the Thomas Edison Center offers a one of a kind opportunity for scouts to explore the world of nature., and learn about the amazing life of Thomas Edison. The park contains some of the oldest trees located in Middlesex County and contains unique specimens of plants that provide a habitat for an abundance of native animals and birds. Several of our programs highlight the carefully planned and maintained grounds of the Thomas Edison Center and offers scouts a chance to explore, experience and learn about the natural world.


Doodads and Thingamajigs
Lion Elective Adventure: Gizmos and Gadgets

Find, explore, and discover 10,000 ways that will not work, just as Thomas Edison did during the creation of over 400 inventions at his Menlo Park laboratory. Scouts will experience Edison’s original inventions, learn about Thomas’ journey to New Jersey, and even create their own invention from a “pile of junk” and a little bit of imagination.


* Weather Dependent

Lion Pride
Lion Elective Adventure: Mountain Lion

Experience nature first-hand, search for plants, animals, and trees that flourish in the park that surrounds the Thomas Edison Center. Scouts will practice the SAW principle, “S” rules, and Leave NO Trace during a beautiful guided walk on the nature trail in the 36 acre state park. Scouts will discuss their findings, learn about Thomas Edison’s work with plants, and even create their own set of binoculars to take home to continue finding wildlife in their neighborhood.


* Weather Dependent

Nature of Invention
Tiger Elective Adventure: Tigers in the Wild

The nature park that surrounds the Thomas Edison Center provides a perfect setting for scouts to learn about the types of plants, trees, and animals that live and thrive in New Jersey’s temperate climate. We will discuss Thomas Edison’s work with plants, locate and record the plants, animals, and animal traces here and share their findings with the Den. Finally, they will conclude the day by making and taking home an eco-friendly bird feeder.


Fun with Fables, Folk Tales, and Myths
Tiger Elective Adventure: Tiger Tales

Many tall tales and myths grew out of the history of Thomas Edison. In this program scouts will explore stories inspired by the experiences of Thomas Edison as well as some other common tall tales and folk songs. They will have the opportunity to play games from the past. Our program concludes after the Scouts make a thaumatrope – a toy from the past.


A Treasure Trove and Trifles
Wolf Elective Adventure: Collections and Hobbies

After learning about collections, scouts will discuss the types of hobbies Thomas Edison had, and share their own. They will be taught how the museum develops a collection, and will experience the collection of phonographs, records, and light bulbs at the Center. Scouts will play a collection game, and our program concludes with creating an autograph origami book to collect signatures from members in their den.


* Weather Dependent

Secrets & Spies: How Code Changed the World
Wolf Elective Adventure: Code of the Wolf

Known as the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’, Thomas Edison was a successful telegrapher, experienced with Morse Code. This exciting program will allow scouts to learn how Civil War spies used codes and ciphers to convey military intelligence. Scouts will learn about Morse Code, have a hands-on experience with the telegraph, and learn the impact that both had on the Civil War. Scouts will make an origami code book and send invisible secret messages with lemon juice. The Scouts will practice using the pig-pen code and translate secret messages hidden along our Nature trail.


* Weather Dependent

Compass Scouts with Magnets
Wolf Elective Adventure: Finding Your Way

Scouts will search and discover with magnets along the Edison State Park Nature Trail, participating in activities with electromagnets and model iron ore separators. They will refine their compass skills and map orienteering by guided hiking through our state park. In the museum, Scouts will learn about magnetism’s influence on Edison’s work at Menlo Park. They will complete their adventure with a scavenger hunt.


Boom, Clap, Roar!
Bear Elective Adventure: A World of Sound

One of Thomas Edison’s favorite inventions was the phonograph, the world’s first recording and playback device. Scouts will analyze 5 different musical instruments from around the world and discover how Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph revolutionized how the general public could listen to music.


Silly Science and Nutty Experiments
Bear Elective Adventure: Super Science

Thomas Edison self explored the principles of Chemistry and Physics through reading and conducting experiments. Inventors like Thomas Edison follow a structured process called the ‘scientific method’ to formulate ideas and analyze their experiments. Scouts will describe and summarize the process of scientific method, scientific law of action and reaction, beginning their understand- ing of scientific method through experimentation.


The Whiz Wonders about Science
Webelos / Arrow of Light: Adventures in Science

Inventors such as Thomas Edison, a real chemistry geek, conducted experiments using the ‘scientific method’.Scouts will define the experiment’s variables; independent, dependent, and controlled. In order to accurately collect data from an experiment, only one factor should be manipulated and only one factor should be affected. Through experimentation and investigation, Scouts will learn the importance of this “fair test” process for scientific pursuit.


Set a Date!


Programs are designed to assist cub scouts in completing the requirements of elective adventures. Programs must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance, when available, and require a minimum of 12 participants. Each program is approximately 90 minutes long. When a pack or troop has fewer than 12 members, scouts may invite non-scout peers to participate in programs.


Program fee: $12.00 per scout/non-scout.


Den leaders may attend at no charge, other participating adults will be charged a fee of $6.00. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Balance is due before or the day of the program. Programs are available weekday evenings and Saturdays throughout the year.


Please see our attached program guide to choose the category that best suits your troops needs first.  Then you can sign up for our other programs as needed.


For more information about scheduling, please call us at 732-549-3299 or contact us at info@menloparkmuseum.org

Payment: Cash, Credit Card, Check accepted