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EMTC Board Of Trustee Member- Leonard Drew Sendelsky

Leonard Drew Sendelsky, Chairman

Leonard Drew Sendelsky
Len Sendelsky has been a board member since 2008 and Chairman and member of the executive board of the EMTC Board from 2009 to the present. He is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and holds BSCE and MSCE degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Len is also a certified Green Builder and a licensed realtor sales associate.   He is Vice president of Len Guy Construction Corporation and is in charge of new construction of residential and commercial buildings, remodeling & renovation/tenant fit up of existing properties, leasing and property management. He is also currently Chairman of the Edison Zoning Board of Adjustment. Len enjoys actively participating with the EMTC Board in guiding it through the renovation of The Edison Memorial Tower and the Museum Renovations. Len resides in Edison with his wife Susan and daughter Christine.


Paul Israel

Dr. Paul Israel, Vice Chairman

Dr. Paul Israel
Paul Israel, vice chair of the Edison Memorial Tower Corporation, is director and general editor of the Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers University. To date the project has produced seven volumes of The Papers of Thomas A. Edison as well as an online edition with nearly 200,000 document images.  Dr. Israel is also the author several articles and three books: Edison: A Life of Invention (Wiley & Sons, 1998), for which he won the Edelstein [Dexter] Prize from the Society for the History of Technology; From Machine Shop to Industrial Laboratory: Telegraphy and the Changing Context of American Invention, 1830–1920 (Johns Hopkins, 1992); and Edison’s Electric Light (Johns Hopkins 2010; Rutgers 1986) written with Robert Friedel. In these works he has been examining technological creativity, the origins of modern innovation, technological enterprise, patent regimes, and the intersections between science, technology, and business.


EMTC Board of Trustee Member - John Zemkoski

John Zemkoski, Treasurer

John Zemkoski
John Zemkoski has been a member since 2005. He presently serves as Treasurer and is a member of the Executive Committee. He resides in the Menlo Park section of Edison Township. He is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology holding BE and MS degrees in engineering and management. He is a retiree of Public Service Electric & Gas Company where he worked in the areas of system planning, computer program development and technology development for utility applications. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey and is a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Through his efforts on September 6, 2006, the IEEE recognized and honored the significant achievements of Edison at Menlo Park by dedicating the site as a milestone in the field of electric power. The bronze milestone plaque commemorating the “Thomas Alva Edison Historic Site at Menlo Park, 1876” is located in the museum.


Charles Tomaro

Charles Tomaro

Charles Tomaro
Is one of the original members of the Edison Memorial Tower Corp serving since 1997. He served 13 years on the Edison Town Council and currently is a Middlesex County Freeholder. As a Freeholder he oversees the County infrastructure division, overseeing County Parks, Buildings, and Roads. As a member of the Edison Tower Board he helped secure 600,000 dollars in funding from the county open space tax to help restore the Edison Tower. He has worked with 9 Scouts on different Eagle projects that have improved the Edison State Park surrounding the Edison Tower.



Leonard Mesonas

Leonard Mesonas

Leonard Mesonas
Leonard Mesonas is a retired New Jersey educator. He worked in the Edison Township Public Schools for 32 years as an Industrial Arts/Technology and Mathematics teacher. Mr. Mesonas received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Kean University in Union. He currently teaches at Kean University in the Department of General Studies.







Margaret E. Inglese

Margaret E. Inglese, Secretary

Margaret E. Inglese

My first joy of giving was when as a 4 year- old in 1938, carrying a loaf of homemade bread with my twin sister doing the same, our mother in the middle with a pot of homemade chicken soup, walking to the edge of our tiny town and entering hallowed ground – a chicken coop that housed a family who had less than we did. We also had lost our lovely home in the Depression and were living in a house with an outhouse and no utilities. I was raised to give what I could when I could, to share and give back, and have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Now at 80 I am sort of the beggar lady for some causes I believe in, which includes being a member of the Boards of the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park and the Edison Art Society.

My husband Sam and I raised 4 wonderful givers in Milltown, NJ where I served 3 years on the Board of Education and was a member of the 2008 Water Quality Study for Middlesex County and a 4H Leader among various other causes. We have been blessed with 5 (soon to be 6) amazing grandchildren. I am a bookkeeper by trade and assist my husband in the management of property in Metuchen which we are part owners of. In the past I have recruited members and solicited business for the annual ad journal for the Edison Chamber of Commerce, been the bookkeeper and contract negotiator for AF Engineering, Cook College, and Rutgers University. I have also performed accounting for Greenland Contractors BMEWS Thule, Greenland contract, was account supervisor for BC/BS of Phila., was assistant to Frank M. Genter, CPA, and have done several private audits. My husband and I reside in Metuchen.



Kathleen Carlucci

Kathleen Carlucci, Director

Kathleen Carlucci
Kathleen Carlucci received her B.S. in History and Secondary Education, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Kean University. She is the Director of the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, Edison, N.J. After a long career in business, Ms. Carlucci wanted to pursue her passion for history and create fun and educational ways to share her love of history.

Ms. Carlucci began her career at the Edison Center completing a successful internship program through Kean University. After graduation she accepted the position of curator and later was promoted to museum director. Currently, she serves on the museum’s board of directors and is actively involved in the Edison Tower Restoration Project, and was a primary member of the team that developed the Edison Center’s professionally developed interpretative exhibits. Through her direction, the museum offers community outreach programs geared toward schools, scouts, seniors and international visitors.


Satish Poondi

Satish Poondi, Esq.                

Mr. Poondi is a graduate of  the Rutgers Law School, in Newark, is an associate at the law firm of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A.  Mr. Poondi is also a registered pharmacist,  having completed the Doctor of Pharmacy program, also at Rutgers University. A resident of Edison Township since 1988,  Mr. Poondi resides with his wife, Priyanka. 

Mr. Poondi is a dedicated community organizer. He currently serves as a Trustee for the Edison Memorial Tower Corporation. Prior to that, he served on the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Community Relations for the Township of Edison. He is the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Asian American Retailers Association, the  legal advisor and Director of Communications for the Indian Business Association, and the legal advisor to the Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society.


Beth Moroney                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Beth Moroney, a former English teacher and administrator in the Edison Public School District, is  serving currently on the township Board of Education.  A graduate of Montclair State College with a BA and MA, Moroney has dedicated a great deal of time to serving as a writer and public relations consultant for a variety of organizations, including the New Jersey Commission on the Holocaust and the Edison Arts Society. Moroney now uses her journalistic skills to serve as a reporter for tapintosouthplainfield.net. She also has a weekly book review column, which is syndicated in fifteen Tap Into online franchises across New Jersey.